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  • REM Pod technology (Radiating ElectroMagnecity) is the ability to detect objects seen or not seen which are near the antenna. The antenna collapses within the confines of the Para-REM protecting it. (The REM Pod requires that you remove the antenna.) Brightly colored LED bands will light up starting at the top and move downwards as the object gets closer. Calibrating is simply done by pressing the “R” button. The LED lights will momentarily pause allowing you to remove your hand, then flash indicating that the process is complete.
  • When in REM mode, the Para-REM runs dynamic calibration in the background where firmware constantly monitors the space around the antenna and adjusts the parameters needed to make a “hit”. This process greatly reduces false hits which can be caused by changes in humidity and/or temperature.
  • Detects EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency). The sensitivity is equal to the Para Light+ when set in Ultra mode. (This feature will also react to Walkie-Talkies and lighting from thunderstorms, thus be aware of your EMF environment when doing paranormal investigations.) LED colored bands will light up starting at the bottom with Pink/Purple being base line.
  • Detects both REM and EMF simultaneously. Simply press and hold both the “R” and “E” buttons for about 2 seconds. The unit will pause allowing you to back away as the Para-REM calibrates to its surroundings. Both the top and bottom LED light bands will be on indicating that it is in dual mode. REM hits will start at the top and light up moving downwards, and EMF hits will start at the bottom and light up moving upwards. This feature was included to allow the user to distinguish between REM or EMF hits.
  • The Para-REM has three sound choices. The first choice is No Sound which allows you to do EVP sessions without device interference. The second choice is Tones which correspond to the signal intensity. The last choice is Music with nine classic songs from which to choose. Simply press and hold the “M” button down when in music mode to access these songs. The LEDs will light up according to which song was played last. The names of these songs are listed on a multicolored decal located on the side of the Para-REM. After clicking on the song choice, simply press and hold the “M” button to finalize your selection. When a hit is encountered, the song will play 13 notes then stop. At this time you can encourage the spirits to continue the song by engaging the Para-REM once more. (When turned off, the Para-REM will remember which sound choice it was set to, and will resume that setting when powered on again.) An important feature we incorporated into the firmware is that the Para-REM will show with the LED lights the REM or EMF hit before the song continues to play. That way while reviewing video evidence, you will be able to determine the strength of the hit by briefly watching the number of lights which turned on just before the song started up again.
  • Operates on 3 AA batteries located at the base of the Para REM.
  • 6 VIBRANT COLORS! Pink, blue, green, yellow, orange and red color bands sequentially light up to EMF fluctuations & spikes. These custom designed light bands are highly visible from all sides (360⁰ illumination) unlike other EMF meters such as the K2 which have small LEDs that are barely visible to members in your group.
  • EASY OPERATION! Simply pull open to turn on. A small blue LED located on the top of the lid will light up when the Para-REM is turned on. This light will flash at 50% when the batteries need changed.
  • COMPACT! When collapsed, the Para-REM is about the size of a 12 oz. Coke can (4.8 inches) and opens up to a height of 7.1 inches. Foldaway handles provide a convenient way to carry or hang the Para-REM.
  • FREE CARRYING POUCH! For carrying, protection and transportation, the Para-REM comes with a black pouch that is 9”x 5” and made from durable canvas material. A 2.5” carabiner is provided which conveniently clips the pouch to your belt loop.
  • Allow 1 week to 10 day for shipping.
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Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 3.4 × 3.4 × 7.2 in

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3.4"D x 3.4"W x 7.2"H

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