Welcome to NCPD LLC, home of the Electric Light Dowsing Rods, the MC Mic and MC EMF multi-colored Electret Condenser and Inductor microphone/speaker and the New ELDR-mini dowsing rods.

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Jeff and Susie  Founders of NCPD

Jeff and Susie
Founders of NCPD

North Canton Paranormal Detectives, or NCPD LLC for short, is a group of like-minded individuals, dedicated to investigating and researching unexplained paranormal phenomena.  We use the most current techniques and equipment to obtain evidence of life after death. We assist with public ghost tours and conduct investigations at both historical and private locations.  As customary, we never charge for our services.  In addition, I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade and greatly enjoy designing and developing equipment used in paranormal investigations.  Check out my inventions below!



pouch and rods

ELDR mini-announcement-2


To purchase your own ELDR-mini rods click here to visit Amazon . 

Thanks to Dave Juliano, we are very happy to announce that the Electric Light Dowsing Rods- mini’s are now listed at theghosthunterstore.com.  His website carries the largest selection of Ghost Hunting Equipment and Supplies, Religious Items and Spiritual Items.Amazon


Brochure-2 sizes




 Susie and I demonstrating the EL Dowsing Rods in low light.


View of the EL Dowsing Rods with the lights turned off.  No flashlights necessary!


Available in 5 amazing neon colors: Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink.





The EL Scabbard can be clipped to your belt loop or hung across your back by using the Optional Shoulder Strap which adjusts from 20 inches to 38 inches in length.



To learn more how you can purchase your own set of Electric Light Dowsing Rods, please visit Amazon and search for: Electric Light Dowsing RodsBe sure to configure your purchase by selecting the length 13 or 18 inches, color and with or without the shoulder strap.

You can also find them on Ebay by clicking here: Electric Light Dowsing Rods

Thanks to Dave Juliano, we are very happy to announce that the Electric Light Dowsing Rods are now listed at theghosthunterstore.com.  His website carries the largest selection of Ghost Hunting Equipment and Supplies, Religious Items and Spiritual Items.



mc brochure

mc mic 3 pic

mc emf 3 pic



This is a short video which introduces the  MC Mic (multi-colored Electret Condenser Microphone) and how you would use it to attract the spirits during your paranormal investigations.


This 12 min video introduces the MC EMF (Electromagnetic Microphone) and how both the MC Mic and MC EMF can be used in your paranormal investigations.


This 20 min video is demonstrates how the MC EMF can be both an EMF microphone and an EMF speaker just depending upon which port you have it plugged into on your recorder.  The Advanced Experiments schematic shows how to connect your devices and conduct an EVP session.  The question is: Can spirits hear EMF and then in turn respond back in EMF or in a regular EVP?



To learn more how you can purchase the MC Mic and MC EMF, please visit Amazon by clicking here: MC Mic MC EMF.

You also can visit Ebay by clicking here: MC Mic MC EMF

theghosthunterstore.com also carries the MC Mic and MC EMF




10 thoughts on “About


  2. Is there a way to send a photo? I took a photo of my daughter and husband and there is a weird bright light ball that showed up in then photo.

  3. Hello,
    Reaching out for my little brother, who lives with me- I just bought a home built in 1950- 816 south Valley Boulevard nw North Canton Ohio – we have found some strange things in the insulation in the attic and my brother has horrible dreams. I can’t find anything on the history ;(

  4. Hello, my name is bobbie. I work with the sick, elderly and dying folks. I live in canton where my sister in las and father in law both passed. My mother in law and my boyfriends mom passed but not in yhe house. Our mother in law said she wanted to die in the house where she lost her family. Im dream of things to come but its over a couple weeks and comes in puzzle form so i have to figure it out on my own. When i first moved in the house with my boyfriend on through today, i will here my name being called out and when i ask anyone who is home if they called me they all say no. Last july my sister was up , i was standing in front of the sink and a pill bottle flew past my head and landed on the floor. My sister jokingly said i was hearing my voices again. I dont get alot of sleep at night , i usually wake up between 12 and 4, most of the time im awakened by what sounds like a crash or boom in the house. Nobody else hears this cause no one wakes up. Yesterday i was in the bathroom getting ready to open the door, and i smelled very strong , the smell of urine very heavy in the air, like when someones body functions are at the end before death. I had been pulled from a house on sunday so hospice could finish her care. She will be gone anytime. The negativity in the house seems really high as well. Its like were all angry and there should be no reason for it. I saged the house and prayed but it continues. Could it be the house or are they trying to push me out or even latched themself onto me… please advise on to what i should do. I am wiccan but not a casting one im more of a nature wiccan. I just need help or advise

  5. Hi.. how do I get ahold of you to possibly come check out our home… recorded a video of my son this morning and heard some talking in it when I replayed that was not audible to me during recording. I have the video saved if you’d like to see it… kind of freaking out here lol

  6. A really great idea!!! We need something new in the field and these help with a dark setting. Kudos!

    Cal-Para Research,
    We really appreciate your feedback and support.. We hope people enjoy the EL Dowsing Rods as much as we do.
    Jeff & Susie

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