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Replacement Antenna for Para REM description

  1. Replacement Antenna used in the Para REM
  2. Telescopic Antenna 6 sections
  3. Collapsed 4.2″, Fully Extended 18.8″
  4. Threaded male attachment point (M3 thread)
  5. Diameter 0.23″

Material Stainless Steel

Replacement Directions:

  1. Unthread the existing antenna by grabbing the larger diameter near the lid and rotating it counterclockwise.
  2. The antenna will unthread and pull up and out.
  3. Collapse the new antenna prior to inserting it into the antenna hole.
  4. Insert the new antenna and guide it down vertically. It should find itself in the mounting pocket.
  5. With your fingers, gently rotate the antenna clockwise as it threads into the base. Do this until it stops. (Hand Turn Only, No Tools)
Additional Info
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