Trip Wire Trip 36

The Trip-12 is 12 ft. in length with 10 microprocessor-controlled EMF sensors spaced 14 inches apart. *Trip-36 is 36 ft. long with 12 EMF sensors spaced 3 feet apart.

◉ 6 VIBRANT COLORS are emitted when sensing EMF! Pink, blue, green, yellow, orange and red colors light up to EMF fluctuations & spikes. The lights are highly visible from all sides (360⁰ illumination) unlike other EMF meters such as the K2 which have small LEDs that are barely visible to members in your group.

◉ EASY OPERATION! Simply position the cable and turn the power on at the battery supply. The lights will briefly flash and settle down to the base color Pink. Ideal locations for the Trip-12 would be stairways, doorways and surrounding trigger objects. The Trip-36 is great for long hallways, aisleways, and stages where extra EMF coverage is needed.

◉ LONG-LASTING! The Trip-Wire is powered by 3 AA batteries which are calculated to last 40 hours for Trip-12 and 32 hrs for Trip-36. (Batteries are included.) All of the EMF sensors will light up to Red when turned on if the batteries need to be replaced.

◉ BROAD COVERAGE & FAST STAGING! The Trip-12 and Trip-36 are quick and easy to set up and relocate compared to handling 10 to 12 individual Ghost Meters. The cost savings is also substantial! One Trip-Wire can replace many, individual, expensive EMF detectors which use 9-volt batteries.

◉ FREE CARRYING POUCH! For carrying, protection and transportation, the Trip-12 comes with a black 9”x5”, durable, canvas pouch. The Trip-36 comes with a black “12”x7”, durable, canvas pouch and a 2.5” carabiner which conveniently clips the pouch or cable to your belt loop.

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New for summer, 2021! NCPD LLC is very proud to announce the release of the versatile, mobile, EMF TripWire ! I’m Jeff Eastman, founder of NCPD LLC and inventor of the Trip-Wire, in addition to several other innovative ghost hunting devices.

As a mechanical engineer and paranormal investigator, I enjoy modifying, improving, and inventing ghost hunting equipment. All of my products are handmade with the utmost quality and care.

The Trip-Wire, my latest release, is unlike anything else available on the market. You will be amazed by the colorful, highly visible light sensors as they react to changing EMF strength. Use the Trip-12 when a need for greater concentration of EMF sensors is needed like going down a stairway or draping a door frame.

Use the Trip-36 when EMF coverage is needed for a larger/longer area such as a hospital hallway, in front of prison cell doors, or on a theater stage. For transportation, you will also receive a black, canvas pouch which can easily clip onto your belt loop. And, as always, have fun and be safe on your next paranormal investigation!”

The NCPD Trip Wire

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Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 3.4 × 3.4 × 7.2 in

North Canton Paranormal Detectives LLC

Product Dimensions

3.4"D x 3.4"W x 4.8"H

Power Source

Battery Powered

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