New for 2021! NCPD LLC is proud to announce the release of the Para-light+ which now includes selectable Sound On/Off and 3 programmable levels of sensitivity. These new functions are easily accessed by pressing the Red button located on the lid. One quick click of the Red button turns the sound On/Off. Holding the Red button down for 2 seconds will put Para-Light+ into sensitivity programming mode. Paired colored light bands will light up depending upon which mode it is currently in.

The sensitivity modes are Standard, High, and Ultra. You can scroll through them by clicking again on the Red button. Hold the Red button down again for 2 seconds to accept the last selection returning the Para-Light+ back into working mode. The Para-Light+ will remember the last settings when it is closed, (turned off) and then powered back on. NOTE: Experiment with the sensitivity settings in your environment. Cell phones and walkie-talkies will trigger the Para-Light+, thus giving you false positives.

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◉ LATEST PROGRAMMABLE EMF DETECTION TECHNOLOGY! The new, 2021 Para-Light+ has been released! ◉ One push button for easy programming. ◉ Optional On/Off Sound. Now hear the EMF hits in your EVP recordings. ◉ 3 Selectable Sensitivity Settings: *Standard, *High and *Ultra. (Select setting based on your environment. Avoid close cell phone and walkie-talkie use for these devices may trip the sensor.) ◉ Innovative Electrical Design now enables greater sensitivity across a wider band of frequencies.

◉ 6 VIBRANT COLORS! Pink, blue, green, yellow, orange and red color bands sequentially light up to EMF fluctuations & spikes. These custom designed light bands are highly visible from all sides (360⁰ illumination) unlike other EMF meters such as the K2 which have small LEDs that are barely visible to members in your group.

◉ EASY OPERATION! Simply pull open to turn on. A small blue LED located on the top of the lid will light up when the Para-Light+ is turned on. This light will flash at 50% when the batteries need changed. To access the sound On/Off and 3 programmable levels of sensitivity, press the Red button located on the lid as directed in the instructions. The sensitivity modes are: Standard, High and Ultra. The Para-Light+ will remember the last settings when it is closed, and then powered back on.

◉ LONG LASTING! The Para-Light+ is powered by 3 AA batteries which are calculated to last 100 hours of operation. (Batteries are included.)

◉ COMPACT! When collapsed, the Para-Light+ is about the size of a 12 oz. Coke can (4.8 inches) and opens up to a height of 7.1 inches. Foldaway handles provide a convenient way to carry or hang the Para-Light+.

◉ FREE CARRYING POUCH! For carrying, protection and transportation, the Para-Light+ comes with a black pouch that is 9”x 5” and made from durable canvas material. A 2.5” carabiner is provided which conveniently clips the pouch to your belt loop.

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Has this ever happened to you? Your group is doing a paranormal investigation and the person holding the EMF meter declares that they just had a “K2 hit!” Did you see it or was your view obstructed by the person holding the meter? This is exactly why the Para-Light was invented.

Hi, this is Jeff Eastman founder of NCPD LLC and inventor of the Para-Light. As a paranormal investigator, I was constantly frustrated by not capturing the “K2 hits” on video because the meter was at an awkward angle and not visible to me. This frustration compelled me to invent an EMF detector which is unlike anything else available on the market.

You will be pleasantly surprised by this unique design with 6 circular horizontal bands that brightly light up as the EMF signal strength increases making it highly visible.

The small blue LED on the top indicates that the Para-Light is On/Off and flashes 50% when the AA batteries need replaced. For transporting the Para-Light, I am including a 9”x5” black pouch which easily clips onto your belt loop.

I believe the spirits will have fun engaging with the Para-Light making the colors change as they interact with it. But, as with all equipment used in paranormal investigations, NCPD LLC makes no claim to Spirit Communication, Aliens, Ghosts or any other type of phenomena and is not liable for perceived encounters or attachments.

You should be of sound mind and body when using the Para-Light. WARRANTY! The Para-Light is hand crafted and custom built. NCPD LLC provides a 9 month warranty on parts and labor after you return the completed registration card within 30 days.

The Para-Light is not returnable unless defective. Note: The Para-light detects EMF frequencies. It is recommended that Cell Phones be kept at least 3 feet away and Walkie-Talkies to be at least 2 feet away to avoid false positives.

The NCPD Para Light Differnce

Let me explain the experiments used to generate the above graphs.  An EMF source which emits 300 milligauss (@ Zero inches) and also has its frequency controlled from Zero Hz to 12,000 Hz.  The K2 was placed 4″ away from the source at a location where the Mel meter indicated 14 milligauss.

The frequency was slowly increased until the colored LEDs lit up.  Recordings of the frequency were taken noting the LED colors at that time.  The same experiment was done using the Para-Light.  With respect to the K2, as you can see the Red LED turns on when the frequency hits 44 Hz and then turns off when the frequency reached 321 Hz.  The K2 LEDs then start dropping out until the frequency reached 2,250 Hz when only the base line Green LED was on.

The data from the Para-Light shows that there is a dip where the Red LED drops out between 423 Hz and 1620 Hz, goes Red again until 3,000 Hz then slowly drops out until 5,130 Hz when the Blue LED drops out.

In conclusion:  The Para-Light is more sensitive to EMF over a broader spectrum of frequencies vs the K2.  This reinforces that the K2 electronics were designed to a small range of low frequencies mainly used to detect electrical leakage of devices running on 50/60 Hz.

Note: Cell phones and walkie-talkies will set off the K2 and Para-Light.  This is not because the K2 and Para-Light are sensing the mega and giga Hertz signals.  It’s from the bursts of EMF energy from the cell phone and walkie-talkies are high enough to generate a internal signal thus lighting up the LEDs.

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