The Para-Light mini is a compact and sensitive EMF detector that replaces the K2.  I build this with the same hand-crafted quality as my Para-Light and Para-Light+

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The compact and sensitive Para-Light mini EMF detector!  Built with the same hand-crafted quality as our Para-Light and Para-Light+.

HIGHLY VISIBLE!  The Para-light mini has 6 VIBRANT colors which light up to EMF fluctuations and spikes.  The bright LED lights are highly visible from all sides (360⁰ illumination) unlike other EMF meters such as the K2 which have small LEDs that are barely visible to members in your paranormal investigation group.

BUTTON FREE OPERATION! Simply pull open to turn on and collapse to turn off.

• LONG LASTING! The Para-Light mini is powered by 3 AAA batteries which are calculated to last 250 hours of operation. (Batteries are included.)  In a zero EMF environment, the Red LED will stay lit indicating that the batteries need changing.

• COMPACT and MOBILE! When collapsed, the Par-Light mini is smaller than a 12 oz. Coke™ can (3.8 inches) and opens up to a height of 5.5 inches. Foldaway handles provide a convenient way to carry or hang the Para-Light mini.

EMF Color and Sensitivity Levels: Pink=0mG, Blue>2mG, Green>4mG, Yellow>7mG, Orange>13mG, and Red>22mG.

The Para-Light mini, with lights visible from all sides, is very easy to carry, view (unlike standard K2s), and operate.  To turn it on, simply pull it open until the Pink color is exposed which indicates a baseline of zero milligauss.  At the end of your investigation, fully collapse the Para-Light mini which will shut it off.  It’s that simple!

As with all EMF detection devices, know your environment and equipment so you don’t get false positives. Be aware of the building or location you are investigating has power and if you are located near those power lines.  Cell phones should be at least 3 feet away or in Airplane mode, and Walkie-Talkies should be at least 2 feet away.  As a precaution, experiment with other wireless devices so you can identify false readings during your investigations.  The Para-Light mini EMF sensor is located in the center of the lid.

The Para-Light mini sensor is very sensitive to EMF.  Testing was done using a MEL-8704R-REM meter to measure the milligauss generated by standard household voltage (60Hz AC) which was needed to trip each color on the Para-Light mini sensor.  Here are those results: Pink=0 mG, Blue>2mG, Green>4mG, Yellow>6.5mG, Orange>12.7mG, and Red>22mG.

Notes from the manufacturer:  The Para-Light mini is sold as an entertainment tool only.  We do not claim the validity of the flashing lights you are receiving.

We do not claim Spirit Communication, Aliens, Ghosts, or any other type of phenomena and are not liable for perceived encounters or attachments. You should be of sound mind and body when using the Para-Light mini.

Additional Info
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