Multi-Colored Microphone Mc EMF

  • Specifications for the MC EMF: When plugged into the MIC jack of your recorder is used for recording Electromagnetic Frequency (converts to sound), Inductance 100mH, Current rating 20mA.
  • When plugged into the EAR output (head phone jack) of your recorder is used for broadcasting Electromagnetic Frequency of whatever is being played on your recorder.(converts digital to EMF)
  • Specifications for the housing which is common to both the MC Mic and MC EMF: Red, Blue and Green LEDs which produce the following selectable colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Aqua, Pink, White, and Color Changing., Includes 3, AG13 batteries that are replaceable, Glow duration is approximately 20 hrs depending upon the setting, 4.5” length X 0.6” dia., Serial Numbered Bullet Point
  • The Splitter Connector is provided free when both the MC Mic and MC EMF are purchased together. Specifications for the splitter: 3.5 mm Stereo Jack, (2) 3.5 mm female connectors, Right and Left lines are separated, Serial Numbered.

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My multi-colored emitting microphones allow you to easily instruct the spirits where to shout their answers into. Just say to the spirits, shout our answers into the “Green” spirit voice recorder or whatever color you have chosen.

I believe the spirits are less confused interacting with these devices than trying to explain where on your digital recorder they should speak into.

This 20 minute video demonstrates how the MC EMF can be both an EMF microphone and an EMF speaker just depending upon which port you have it plugged into on your recorder. The Advanced Experiments schematic shows how to connect your devices and conduct an EVP session. The question is: Can spirits hear EMF and then in turn respond back in EMF or in a regular EVP?

Additional Info
Weight .75 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in

North Canton Paranormal Detectives LLC


Neon Colors

Product Dimensions

1"D x 1"W x 5"H

Power Source

3 LR44 batteries required. (included)

Connector Type

3.5 mm Jack

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